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Adjectives are words used to describe nouns. Some examples follow with English on the left, Carrier on the right. All translations are word for word, not good English. In Carrier, the adjective comes after the noun, in English it usually comes before the noun.

English Carrier Syllabic
cho big ᗬᐟ
sus cho bear big ᗫᐊr ᗬᐟ
nezul nice ᘆcᐈ
nalhti nezul blanket nice ᗮᘧᐣᗸᐪ ᘆcᐈ

Just like in Chinese adjectives can function as verbs. Below are sentences where hooncha is first used as a verb, then as an adjective. Depending on the context it can mean “big”, “he/she/it is big” or “they are big”. The Carrier sentences are followed by word-for-word translations into English.

Shas k’oh hooncha. grizzly-bear tracks are-big.
Shas k’oh hooncha huho’en. grizzly-bear tracks big they-spotted
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