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The Carrier (Dakelh) alphabet was developed in the 1960s by the Carrier Linguistic Committee in Fort Saint James, BC, Canada.

Note: We have tried to find examples that start with each letter, but some letters never occur at the beginning of a word, eg ng. In that case we have given a word that contains the letter.

Letter IPA Example Notes
ʔ 'acho Glottal stop
a a a'ah
b b bakoo
ch cho
ch’ ch'ul
d d dachawhusne
dl dl dluk
dz dz dzen
d̲z̲ d̲z̲
g g ges
gh ɣ ghoh
gw gwuzeh
h h hulhda
i i inla
j jus
k k ka'ninzun
k’ k' k'emai
kh x khoh
kw kwus
kw’ kʷ' kw'usudai
l l lanezyi
lh ɬ lhi
m m musdus
n n nedo
ng ŋ ke'sudaningi
o o 'olulh
oo u oonanye
s s sa
sh shas
t t taba
t’ t' t'eh
tl tl
tl’ tl' tl'adzoot
ts ts tsa
t̲s̲ t̲s̲ tsambilh
ts’ ts' ts'ekooyaz
t̲s̲’ t̲s̲’
u ʌ 'ugwut
w w wasi
wh whunawhulhuye
y j yeztl'i
z zeh

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