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This is a story about a boy and his father. They go sledding together.

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Sledding Story

'Uskiyaz 'usdloos be huntsun 'a whenzoot.

“Whent'an!” ni 'aba.

'Uskiyaz 'et duchun nidanzoot.

'Aba yakhoh 'a whulgaih.

“Nts'e 'unint'oh?” ni 'aba.

“Njan chun k'ut 'ust'oh” ni 'uskiyaz.

'Et k'an zeh, 'aba 'uskiyaz chun ladilht'i ya'en.

'Uskiyaz tabe 'udloh, 'et duke'uz ndushalhts'ut.

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