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A language in the Japanese Language Family.

Alternative Names None

Origin Japan
Writing System Kanji, in conjunction with Hiragana and Katakana
In Use before 600 to the present

Language of
Also Spoken in United States
Native Speakers ~125,000,000[1]
Non-Native Speakers ~10,000,000[1]
Regulated by Japanese Ministry of Education

ISO 639-1 Code JA[1]
ISO 639-2 Code JPN[1]
ISO 639-3 Code JPN[1]



History of Japanese

See: Japanese/history

Old Japanese

Up until 794

Late Old Japanese

From 794 to 1185

Middle Japanese

From 1185 to 1573. Covers the end of the Heian period, the Kamakura period, and ends along with the Muromachi period.

Early Modern Japanese

See Also: [[Classical Japanese]]
From 1573 to 1945.

Modern Japanese

From 1945 to the present.

Japanese Grammar

Japanese Writing

Text Sample

-Article 1, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights[2]

Hiragana Only

-Article 1, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Subete no ningen wa, umarenagara ni shite jiyuu de ari, katsu, songen to kenri to ni tsuite hyoudou de aru. Ningen wa, risei to ryoushin wo ukerarete ari, tagai ni douhou no seishin wo motte koudou shinakereba naranai.
-Article 1, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Japanese Proverbs

  • 猿も木から落ちる。 (Saru mo ki kara ochiru.)
    • Even monkeys fall from trees.

Japanese in Other Languages

See: Japanese/translate

Teaching Materials for Japanese

Japanese Dictionaries

Japanese Dialect References

All resources in this section are Japanese-only unless otherwise noted

Verb Guides

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Prep

Miscellaneous References


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