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Be Polite

Above all, this rule is the most important. If you have issues with another user that cannot be resolved peacefully on your own, report it to an administrator or forum moderator and it'll be taken care of. If someone is rude to you, please do not reciprocate it, it doesn't do anything to make you look better, and doesn't help resolve the situation.

Don't Fear (The Editor)

New contributors are always welcomed. If you don't know how to create the type of article you want, you can look it up in Category: Policy Pages or contact an administrator, who can show you information on how to do it. If in doubt, an existing article can be used as a template for new articles.

Don't Censor...But Don't Go Out of Your Way to be Offensive, Either

LingWiki is intended to be comprehensive, and that includes including information on slang, vulgarity, and other subjects people may consider to be less than polite. That said, it is expected that such content will be handled in a mature fashion. On pages that involve sexual references, no pictures relating to said references are appropriate on LingWiki, period. Editors who violate this policy will be given a warning the first time, however a successive violation will result in revocation of editing privileges.

LingWiki is Apolitical

Conservative, liberal, moderate, other, all stripes are welcomed here, as long as they are willing to check their agenda at the door when editing articles. LingWiki is not a place for forcing your political opinions on others, neither is it a place for ridiculing beliefs that conflict with your own. If a word or sociolinguistic article is inherently political, it is still acceptable, however editors of such articles should take particular care that they be well-sourced and as balanced as can be managed. In the case of an unresolvable dispute, the moderation staff shall serve as the final arbiters.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If you got the content from somewhere else, please credit your source appropriately (Citation is an excellent place to automatically generate citations). All references should be cited in APA format. If the excerpt or media file is licensed under a different license from LingWiki (see LingWiki: Copyrights for details), be sure to include the appropriate licensing information.

Above all, if it's not licensed for use on LingWiki, don't use it!


All users are encouraged to include some basic facts about themselves and their linguistic backgrounds on their user pages. If you have advanced degrees or special expertise regarding linguistics, we encourage you in particular to list that information so that other editors who are interacting with you know where you're coming from, and vice versa. An example of a basic user page can be seen here.


The consequences for violating the editing guidelines vary depending on a number of factors, including the nature of the offense and the number of times it has happened. In cases where someone doesn't know how to edit properly, they might be given a temporary suspension of their editing privileges to read up a bit on how to fix the problem. Likewise, if two or more users are engaged in open hostilities taking place on the wiki, they may be given a temporary suspension as a cooling period.

Permanent suspension of editing privileges is reserved for cases where users are engaged in chronic fighting, vandalism, or violations of the sexual content rules outlined above. The suspension may be lifted upon a successful appeal to an administrator, however no appeal may be made for six months since the suspension or last appeal.

The wiki and the forums are moderated separately, however if problems on the wiki spill over onto the forums then appropriate action will be taken.

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