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LingWiki is Not a Translation Service

While LingWiki does provide cross-links to articles whose headwords could be translations of each other, it makes no warranty of the accuracy or applicability of the translations implied by these links for any use. LingWiki staunchly advocates having translations checked by a native speaker of the language that you trust if accuracy is absolutely imperative.

Accuracy of Data

Due to the collaborative nature of LingWiki, it's possible that bad information can be submitted by users. All attempts will be made to correct bad information as soon as it is discovered, however we are no more able to prevent it than is Wikipedia, a much larger and more established project of this nature.

The Thoughts and Opinions Posted on LingWiki Do Not Reflect Those of Its Owners

The thoughts and opinions submitted to the site are those of the people that posted them, and as such LingWiki shall not claim any liability pertaining to them. Material that is deemed harmful shall be removed as expediently as possible upon its discovery.

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