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To have your link added to this page, add a link to LingWiki to your site and send an e-mail with a link to your site to Your site will be checked to ensure that there is no objectionable content, and then a link will be added. LingWiki provides these links as a service to its users, and makes no guarantee of their suitability for the needs of its users who decide to pursue their services.

If you are interested in using information from LingWiki to supplement your site, you may also apply to become a partner site.



Language Reference

  • Omniglot - writing systems & languages of the world

Study Abroad

  • Study Abroad Italy - Our study abroad program in Italy includes housing, health insurance, cultural events and more.


  • The Meaning of Tingo - A blog about words with interesting meanings and variations across languages, to accompany the book of the same name.
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